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  • About us

    Park Farms family has worked in agriculture for many years and generations.
  • Our products

    Fresh, local, pesticide and herbicide free hay. Bedding and feed for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas and laying hens.
  • Free shipping

    on orders that are $30 and over in the Ottawa/Gatineau region
  • Top quality products for small animals.

    Fresh, local hay, free from pesticides or herbicides. Paper wood and pellet litter and feed for small animals such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Laying Hens.
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Ottawa Humane Society

We are proud to be an official partner of the Ottawa Humane Society. We love to give back to the animals that are a little less fortunate than others.

We make small pets Happy

We do anything to make your small animal happy. With free delivery in the Ottawa / Gatineau region, you can provide fresh, local, chemical free hay at a lower cost than any of the big brand pet store.


  • Amazing quality hay! My rabbit loves her Timothy Hay. Fast and efficient delivery. I highly recommend Park Farms.

    Amanda Geller

  • My picky bunny doesn't eat pet store hay but is loving this hay. Very easy to buy online, convenient delivery & very affordable.

    Krysta McIsaac

  • Fantastic prices and great customer service. Just bought a massive 5lb bag of hay for my rabbit and she was clearly very impressed as well.

    Victoria Hayron

  • My bunnies LOVE the hay from Park Farms. It's good quality hay, my bunnies really enjoy eating it. I have 3 rabbits and being able to order hay in bulk boxes is so useful and saves me ridiculous amounts of money. Seriously though, the best part is they deliver right to my door. Hay and litter for the month show up on my front step, it's great!

    Cassandra Churchill

  • Park farms was suggested to me by many and my rabbits love it ! With having three rabbits we go through hay like crazy and the prices here are amazing. I’m also all about supporting local businesses, everyone should shop here !

    Mackenzie Price

  • Love the quality of this hay!!! So excited I found this farm! Never buying pet store hay again! My bunny loves it!!!

    Natalie Patenaude

  • Chuck delivered a box of hay right to my door. Fantastic quality hay and great customer service. My bunnies love it. Thank you!


Supporting the well-being of animals in need.

We are proud partners with local pet rescues.