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Bundles shipped all over Canada

You are out of our delivery zone? No worries. Our bundles contains everything you need to feed your little pets!! It can be delivered everywhere in Canada with additional shipping cost. 

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  • Amazing hay and delivery as agreed!

    Josje van Stuijvenberg

  • J'ai acheté un sac à la SPCA d'Ottawa et mes cochons d'Inde adorent! Le foin sent bon et il n'y a presque pas de poussière de foin.

    Jeannette Meyer

  • Our little bunny, Tahiti, loves the Timothy hay! Great stuff over at Park Farms. They made it nice and easy by bringing the hay to us!

    Jake Berube

  • It's a wonderful thing for us! We don't have a car so getting great quality hay delivered for such a cheap price is amazing!

    Jeremy Norman

  • I honestly love this group. In a city where most pet stores don't stock a single reasonably sized bag of hay a farm like this is a must for any 'barn' type pets. The hay is reasonably priced and obviously very fresh/natural, and the customer service is great as well. It's amazing that they deliver and I love how they're looking to expand their products. Definitely connect with these guys.

    Baylee Nguyen

  • Ce foin est super fragrant et ma lapine l'adore. De plus, on fait de grosses économies avec leurs petits prix

    Jasmine Daoust

  • Easy to order and delivered right to my apartment door.

    Kristina Sojourn