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Feed Pellets

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  • Amazing hay and delivery as agreed!

    Josje van Stuijvenberg

  • J'ai acheté un sac à la SPCA d'Ottawa et mes cochons d'Inde adorent! Le foin sent bon et il n'y a presque pas de poussière de foin.

    Jeannette Meyer

  • Our little bunny, Tahiti, loves the Timothy hay! Great stuff over at Park Farms. They made it nice and easy by bringing the hay to us!

    Jake Berube

  • It's a wonderful thing for us! We don't have a car so getting great quality hay delivered for such a cheap price is amazing!

    Jeremy Norman

  • I honestly love this group. In a city where most pet stores don't stock a single reasonably sized bag of hay a farm like this is a must for any 'barn' type pets. The hay is reasonably priced and obviously very fresh/natural, and the customer service is great as well. It's amazing that they deliver and I love how they're looking to expand their products. Definitely connect with these guys.

    Baylee Nguyen

  • Ce foin est super fragrant et ma lapine l'adore. De plus, on fait de grosses économies avec leurs petits prix

    Jasmine Daoust

  • Easy to order and delivered right to my apartment door.

    Kristina Sojourn