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About Deliveries & Returns

Simple and Clear Delivery Details

Here's the scoop on how our delivery works:

Delivery Days in our local zone: You should get your order delivered Monday and Thursday - Note that it can still take up to 2-7 business days. And guess what? If your order hits $35 or more in our local area, you score free delivery! For orders just under, a small shipping cost hops onto your total at checkout.

Same-Day Delivery: Sorry, we haven't mastered time travel yet! We don't offer same-day delivery… at least not for now. But hold tight, because we're working on it.

Order Placed Before Delivery Day: Any order you place before a delivery day gets a VIP pass for delivery on that day. Simple as that! Just a heads up, though – some conditions may apply.

Nationwide Delivery: Big news! We're now delivering all our products across Canada. At checkout, an extra calculated rate will show up. It's our way of sharing the love beyond our local zone. Delivers within 7 business days after shipping.

Delivery Timing: Our delivery runs are from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm. So whether you're an early bird or a night owl, we've got your delivery window covered.

Stay in the Loop: Our trusty delivery app, Circuit, keeps you in the know. It'll shoot you a text or email with the lowdown on your delivery status and ETA. Feel free to hit us back with any special delivery notes – we're all ears.

Home Sweet Delivery Spot: If you're out and about, no worries! If you've got a porch or veranda, your order will chill there. Apartment dweller? Give us your buzzer number so we can find you. If we can't connect or get in, we'll either try again on the next delivery day or leave your goodies at the main entrance.

Reach Out Anytime: Got questions or delivery preferences? We're here for you! Chat with us through the icon on our Website, send us a message on Facebook, email us at, or give us a call at (873) 353-3242. If we're in a delivery tango, just leave a message – we'll be back to you pronto.

Returns and Exchanges: Changed your mind? It happens! You can return undamaged products within 15 days of purchase. Just know that you're responsible for any extra costs, and we won't be sending return labels. If you need to give something back, hit us up with your order number at

There you have it – the A to Z of our delivery groove. We're all about keeping things clear, simple, and convenient for you. Let's make the delivery dance a smooth one!