About Deliveries - ParkFarms.ca

  • We deliver twice a week - every Sunday and Wednesday

  • We do not offer same day delivery yet

  • Any order placed before a deliver day will be delivered on that day

    • Example: if you order on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday your order is delivered Sunday
  • Delivery runs are from 9:30am to 8:30pm

  • We use a delivery management app (Circuit) which will advise by text or email on the status and arrival of your delivery

    • You can reply to these messages to update the driver on any delivery preferences/notes
  • If your delivery location has a porch or veranda

    • We will leave the order there if no one answers
  • If you live in an apartment building -

    • Please include your buzzer number
    • We will try to get in if you do not answer and leave the order in front of your apartment door
    • If we cant contact you or get in, your order will be delivered the next delivery day
  • Always feel free to contact us for your delivery concerns or preferences on through Facebook messenger or by email info@parkfarms.ca

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