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About us

Welcome to Park Farms, your trusted destination for all things related to small pets – from hay and food to accessories that enrich their lives. Our story dates back to 1949, a time when Mathias Vaillant embarked on a journey that would shape our enduring legacy. With the purchase of the family farm, Mathias and his kin laid the foundation for a farming tradition that has thrived through the years, spanning an impressive four generations.

Through the decades, our commitment to the land and its bounties has led us on a diverse agricultural path. From beef to chicken, horses to hay, soybeans to corn, our fields have borne a rich variety of products, each a testament to the care and devotion we pour into our craft.

In 1950, Mathias bestowed the farm upon his son René Vaillant as a heartfelt wedding gift. René, a steward of the land, lived and breathed the farm's essence until his passing at the age of 88. In 1985, the torch was gracefully passed to his son René-Charles, the current custodian of our legacy.

René-Charles and his family carry forth the traditions of our forebears with unwavering pride and dignity. Guided by his wife Francine, daughters Karine, Mélodie, and Julie, and son Charles, René-Charles diligently nurtures the farm to this day. Together, they infuse every corner of Park Farms with vitality, vision, and the spirit of progress.

The farm's evolution has seen remarkable strides in growth and efficiency. A particular point of pride for us is our long-standing commitment to providing high-quality hay. Over the years, we've honed our practices to offer a product that meets the highest standards, a testament to our confidence in its excellence.

As you explore our offerings and engage with our products, know that each purchase supports a legacy steeped in tradition, nurtured by generations, and fortified with unwavering dedication. Welcome to Park Farms – where a deep-rooted passion for small pets, quality products, and the land come together in harmony.