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3 Holes Hay Feeder

  • $60.50

Product Description:

Introducing our innovative 3 Holes Hay Feeder for Rabbits – a thoughtfully designed solution that combines functionality, convenience, and enrichment for your beloved furry friend. This hay feeder is a must-have accessory for rabbit owners, offering a unique way to provide fresh hay while promoting mental stimulation and minimizing mess.

Key Features:

Smart Design: Our hay feeder features three strategically placed holes, allowing your rabbit to access hay without the mess and waste often associated with traditional feeding methods. The design encourages natural foraging behaviors, providing both physical and mental stimulation.

Mess-Free Feeding: Say goodbye to scattered hay! The 3 Holes Hay Feeder helps keep your rabbit's living area clean and organized by preventing excessive hay from being pulled out and trampled on.

Easy Installation: The feeder can be easily attached to your rabbit's enclosure. It can be mounted at various heights to accommodate your rabbit's comfort and accessibility.

Quality Handcrafted Build: Crafted from pure, untreated pine wood, our hay feeder is meticulously hand sculpted and built to fit most common rabbit condos effectively. Its sturdy construction ensures it will remain a reliable addition to your rabbit's habitat.

Enrichment: Beyond providing a practical feeding solution, our 3 Holes Hay Feeder promotes mental engagement and entertainment. Rabbits love the challenge of reaching for hay through the holes, keeping them occupied and happy.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean: The feeder's design allows for easy access and cleaning. Simply remove the lid, refill with fresh hay, and wipe down any remaining hay residue for a hygienic feeding experience.


  • Material: Pure, Untreated Pine Wood
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 8’’
    • Length: 17’’
    • Width: 8.5’’


  • Encourages natural foraging behaviors
  • Reduces hay mess and waste
  • Promotes mental stimulation
  • Handcrafted from sturdy pine wood
  • Easy to install and clean

Elevate your rabbit's feeding experience with our 3 Holes Hay Feeder. Provide them with a cleaner and more engaging way to access hay, while also offering mental enrichment. Simplify feeding time and minimize waste while enhancing your rabbit's well-being. Order your 3 Holes Hay Feeder today and make a positive impact on your rabbit's daily life!