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Hay Feeder with Litter Box

  • $125.50

- High quality product & material. Handmaid by Charles Vaillant (the owner of our farm)
- Promotes litter training for bunnies and guinea pigs
- Keeps hay neat and tidy (say goodbye to hay tornados!)
- Sturdy so it will not be moved, even by the most determined bunnies
- Less hay spillage = less hay waste in the litter pan
- Pan is removable for easy clean up
- Built with care. The product is completely sanded to ensure your bunny does not encounter sharp edges or splinters.

All parts are made from Aspen, which is 100% safe for small animals (no harmful plywood used).

Dowel Model: 19" long x 20" wide x 14 1/2" tall.
Litter Pan: 13" wide x 18" long x 5" tall

All our items are fully assembled. No additional tools required to complete your build.