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Treat dispensing tower - Large

  • $19.50

Product Description:

Handmade Wooden Treat Dispensing Tower for Rabbit - Enrichment in Every Play

Introducing our Handmade Wooden Treat Dispensing Tower, a delightful and interactive toy designed to engage your rabbit's curiosity and provide hours of mental stimulation. Crafted with care, this wooden tower is not only a treat dispenser but also a source of entertainment and enrichment for your furry friend.

Key Features:

  1. Engaging Design: The treat dispensing tower features a unique design that encourages your rabbit to interact and explore. As they manipulate the tower, treats are released, keeping them entertained and engaged.

  2. Natural Material: Crafted from untreated Spruce wood, our handmade tower is safe for your rabbit to chew on, promoting dental health and satisfying their natural urge to gnaw.

  3. Interactive Play: The tower's design promotes problem-solving and mental engagement, helping to prevent boredom and enhance your rabbit's well-being.

  4. Treat Reward: As your rabbit plays with the tower, hidden treats are released from various compartments, providing a fun and rewarding experience.

  5. Handmade Craftsmanship: Each tower is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring its durability and uniqueness. Minor "imperfections" and slight differences in color and size should be expected, adding to its charm.

  6. Safe and Natural: The tower is made without glues, dyes, or any other hazardous materials, ensuring the safety of your pet.

Note: While the tower is safe for consumption by pets, eating the tower should not be encouraged.


  • Height: LARGE - About 9 inches

Elevate your rabbit's playtime with our Handmade Wooden Treat Dispensing Tower. Enrich their life with an engaging, interactive toy that provides both mental and physical stimulation. Choose quality, craftsmanship, and enrichment for your rabbit's well-being. Order our Handmade Wooden Treat Dispensing Tower today and watch your furry friend enjoy every moment of play!

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