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Grass chew mat - Large

  • $14.00

100% Naturally Made - Dry straw is woven to made grass mat for your small pet. Waterproof - Even if pet urinates, you just rinse the mat with water, then sun dry.

A Clean Cages -To create a clean and comfortable animal resting cage, huts for rabbits, guinea pig, chinchillas, hamsters, kittens, birds.

Edible - The non-toxic natural grass mat is edible. Once you open the package, you can smell a natural smell of dried straw. With this mat, your pets will have healthy chewable and playing mat. 

Comfortable Mattress - This natural grass mat turns your pets sleep bed into a natural cozy surrounding. You can tie rope to this seagrass mat to make a natural hammock / chew toy in the cage.

Other uses – Can also be placed into chicken huts. Woven grass mat keep cleaner, fresher huts for hatching eggs, giving chicks a space to explore and digging.

Size: about 40x28CM/15.7x11inch