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25 Kg Laying Hen - Textured Feed

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  • The textured egg-laying feed is a complete and balanced feed that consists of a mixture with the visible crushed grains mixed with a mineralized and vitaminized protein supplement
  • Use to maintain good egg production or care for adult birds (geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys).
  • Well-balanced for optimal nutritional value, the textured egg-laying feed helps ensure a healthy production life while achieving very effective performance
  • This product is an excellent value
  • To find out how much to feed and up to what week to feed to different types of poultry,
  • Format: 25 Kg


Corn, barley, mineralized and vitaminized protein supplement, vegetable oil, digestive enzyme and amino acids (Lysine, Threonine and Methionine)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein

Min 15.3% (Min)

Crude fiber

Max 3% (Max)

Crude fat

Min 3.1% (Min)


4.4% (Real)


0.5% (Real)


0.2% (Real)

Vitamin A 

10,000 IU / kg (Min)

Vitamin D

4031 IU / kg (Min)

Vitamin E

30 IU / kg (Min)