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All in one box with Hardwood pellets litter

  • $35.15
  • $41.35

Product Description:

Discover convenience and value with our All-in-One Box with Hardwood Pellets Litter – a comprehensive solution that brings together essential items to meet the needs of your beloved small animals. This package includes a thoughtfully curated selection of quality products, ensuring your pets receive the best care possible.

Key Features:

Complete Care Package: This all-in-one box is designed to simplify your small animal care routine. It includes essential elements that contribute to your pet's well-being, promoting a healthy and enriched lifestyle.

10lbs Feed pellets: Our specially formulated 10lbs feed pellets provides your small animals with a balanced and nutritious diet. Each bite is packed with the nutrients they need to thrive, supporting their overall health and vitality.

10lb Timothy: Timothy hay is a key component of a small animal's diet, providing not only essential fiber but also enriching their environment with a natural scent and texture. With 5lbs of Timothy hay, your pets will have a source of comfort and nutrition.

10lb Wood Pellets litter: These wood pellets provide a practical and absorbent bedding solution for your small animals. Their natural absorbency helps maintain a clean and odor-free habitat for your pets.

Convenience and Value: By combining these essential items in one package, we offer you convenience and value, making it easy to provide the best care for your small animals.

Give your small animals the care they deserve with our All-in-One Small Box. Designed to simplify your pet care routine and ensure your animals receive the essential elements for a happy and healthy life. Elevate your pets' well-being with this comprehensive package that covers nutrition, comfort, and hygiene. Order your All-in-One Box today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with providing the best for your furry companions.