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5 lb - Meadow & Timothy Hay (2022 - 2nd Cut)

  • $13.15

Introducing our 5lb Meadow & Timothy Hay blend, specially crafted for the discerning small pet owner who seeks to provide their beloved companions with a wholesome and diverse diet. This unique blend combines the goodness of meadow grass and Timothy hay, offering a flavorful and nutritious feast that caters to the specific dietary needs of your furry friends.

Key Features:

  1. Meadow and Timothy Fusion: Our hay blend features a harmonious combination of meadow grass and Timothy hay, including Timothy hay, Orchard Grass, Brome Grass, and Clover. The meadow grass adds a delightful variety of textures and flavors, while the Timothy hay serves as a staple source of fiber that promotes digestive health.

  2. Natural and Selective: We take pride in hand-selecting the finest meadow grass and Timothy hay to create a premium blend for your small pets. This ensures a natural and high-quality product without any artificial additives, colors, or preservatives.

  3. Balanced Nutrition: Small pets require a well-rounded diet to thrive. Our Meadow & Timothy Hay blend offers a balanced nutritional profile, including essential fibers, vitamins, and minerals necessary for optimal well-being.

  4. Foraging Stimulation: The diverse textures in the blend encourage natural foraging behavior, keeping your small pets engaged and mentally stimulated. This helps prevent boredom and contributes to their overall enrichment.

  5. Hand-Packaged Freshness: Each batch of our Meadow & Timothy Hay blend is carefully hand-packaged to maintain its freshness and quality. This guarantees that your pets receive the best possible product for their nourishment.

  6. Convenient Portioning: The 5lb package size strikes a perfect balance between providing an ample supply of hay and allowing for easy portion control. It's an ideal choice for both single and multiple small pets.

  7. Supports Dental Health: Chewing on our hay blend promotes healthy dental habits by naturally wearing down your pets' teeth, reducing the risk of dental issues.

Elevate your small pets' dining experience with our 5lb Meadow & Timothy Hay blend. With its thoughtful combination of meadow grass and Timothy hay, including Timothy hay, Orchard Grass, Brome Grass, and Clover, commitment to quality, and emphasis on balanced nutrition, you're providing your furry companions with a delicious and healthful meal. Watch them thrive with increased energy and overall happiness as you prioritize their well-being in every nibble.

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