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Grass chew mat - Large

  • $14.50

Introducing our all-natural Grass Chew Mat – a versatile and enriching accessory designed to satisfy your pet's chewing instincts while adding a touch of nature to their environment. Crafted with care, this mat is an excellent addition to the habitat of rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small animals.

Key Features:

100% Naturally Made: Dry straw is woven to create the Grass Chew Mat for your small pet, ensuring a completely natural and safe product. Each mat is a result of meticulous craftsmanship.

Waterproof: Even if your pet urinates on the mat, worry not. Simply rinse the mat with water and let it sun dry. The mat is designed to withstand this, making maintenance hassle-free.

A Clean Cages: Elevate your pet's living space with this mat. It's perfect for creating a clean and comfortable resting cage or hut for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, kittens, and even birds.

Edible: The non-toxic natural grass mat is not only safe for your pets, but it's also edible. Upon opening the package, you'll be greeted by the pleasant, natural smell of dried straw. With this mat, your pets will have a healthy chewable and playing surface.

Comfortable Mattress: Turn your pet's sleeping bed into a natural and cozy environment with this grass mat. You can even tie a rope to it to create a natural hammock or chew toy within the cage.

Other Uses: This versatile mat isn't limited to small animals. It's also suitable for chicken huts. The woven grass mat keeps hatching eggs and chicks' exploration spaces cleaner and fresher.


Approximately 40 cm x 28 cm - LARGE

Thickness: Approximately 1.5 cm

Enhance your pet's habitat with the wholesome appeal of our Grass Chew Mat. Provide them with a natural and enriching space that caters to their innate chewing instincts and adds a touch of the outdoors to their indoor world. Elevate their well-being with this simple yet effective accessory that promotes dental health, engagement, and comfort. Order your Grass Chew Mat today and watch your pet thrive in a world of natural satisfaction!

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