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Apple tree sticks Chew Toys - Wood Treats Toys

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Introducing our natural Apple Tree Sticks Chew Toys – a delightful and wholesome accessory crafted to satisfy your small pet's chewing instincts while providing them with a safe and engaging playtime experience. Carefully selected and hand-prepared, these chew toys are a fantastic addition to your pet's habitat.

Key Features:

  • Natural and Nutritious: Watch as your small pet joyfully chews, nibbles, and explores our apple tree sticks. Made from 100% natural apple tree branches, these toys offer a healthy and nutritious source of entertainment. The natural wood is free from additives, ensuring your pet enjoys a pure and safe playtime activity.

    Chew for Dental Health: The apple tree sticks aren't just for fun; they promote dental health by helping to wear down your pet's constantly growing teeth. Chewing on these sticks helps prevent dental problems and supports your pet's overall well-being.

    Interactive Play: Our apple tree sticks engage your pet's senses and curiosity. Providing your pet with an opportunity to explore different textures and satisfy their desire to chew and gnaw.

    Enrichment and Activity: Designed with the well-being of your pet in mind, these chew toys provide both physical and mental stimulation. The act of chewing and manipulating the sticks keeps your pet entertained and alleviates boredom.

    Versatile for Various Small Pets: Suitable for a range of small pets including guinea pigs, chinchillas, squirrels, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, degus, gerbils, and other rodent species, our apple tree sticks cater to different animals' natural behaviors.


    • Material: Natural Apple Tree Sticks
    • Sufficient Amount: 50g (approximately)
    • Length of Each Stick: 12cm (approximately)
    • Varying Sizes: Each stick is different in size, about 12 to 15 sticks per pack


    • Promotes dental health and hygiene
    • Encourages natural chewing behavior
    • Provides entertainment and enrichment
    • Supports overall well-being

    Additional Features:

    • Natural and Health: These apple sticks come from an organic apple orchard, free from pesticides. They offer a moderate balance of soft and hard textures, making them the best choice for maintaining your pet's dental health.
    • Fun Toys: These apple sticks are not only effective for teeth grinding but also serve as a recreational toy for your pet.
    • Special Color and Taste: The pure natural apple sticks boast a sweet taste. They are organically grown without pesticides, ensuring the healthy growth of your small pet's teeth.

Transform your small pet's playtime with our Apple Tree Sticks Chew Toys. Offer them an authentic and rewarding way to satisfy their instincts while contributing to their health and happiness. Elevate their well-being with these natural and stimulating accessories. Order your pack of Apple Tree Sticks Chew Toys today and give your furry friend a delightful and enriching playtime experience!

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