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Oat Herbs - Starter kit

  • $20.50

Oat Herbs for Rabbit Starting Kit


Give your rabbit the gift of fresh, homegrown nutrition with our Oat Herbs for Rabbit Starting Kit. This all-in-one package includes everything you need to cultivate fresh, nutritious oat herbs right at home, ensuring your furry friend gets the best in natural dietary supplements.


Kit Includes:

- Carrot Bowl: A charming, carrot-shaped bowl perfect for growing and serving the freshly grown herbs. Designed with your rabbit's enjoyment and convenience in mind, it's both functional and fun.

- Organic Earth: Premium quality soil, rich in nutrients, to ensure robust growth of your oat herbs. This organic earth mix is specially formulated to support healthy plant development.

- Oat Seeds: High-quality oat seeds selected for their superior germination rates and nutritional value. These seeds will grow into lush, green oat herbs that your rabbit will love.



- Nutritional Boost: Oat herbs are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, promoting your rabbit's overall health.

- Engaging and Fun: Growing oat herbs provides a stimulating activity for both you and your pet. Watch as your rabbit enjoys the fruits of your labor.

- Convenient and Sustainable: With everything you need in one kit, it's easy to start and maintain a small herb garden that benefits your rabbit and the environment.


Easy Steps to Grow and Enjoy:

1. Prepare the Bowl: Fill the carrot bowl with the provided organic earth.

2. Plant the Seeds: Evenly distribute the oat seeds over the soil and lightly cover them.

3. Water and Care: Water the seeds gently and place the bowl in a sunny spot. Keep the soil moist and watch your herbs grow!

4. Direct Enjoyment: Once the oat herbs are lush and green, place the bowl directly in your rabbit's habitat. Your rabbit can nibble on the fresh herbs straight from the bowl, eliminating the need for harvesting.

Start your journey towards healthier, happier pets with our Oat Herbs for Rabbit Starting Kit. Perfect for both new and experienced rabbit owners, this kit combines practicality with the joy of growing your own pet food, making it a delightful experience for you and your rabbit.