5 lbs - Feed Pellets (Rabbits & Guinea Pigs)
5 lbs - Feed Pellets (Rabbits & Guinea Pigs)

5 lbs - Feed Pellets (Rabbits & Guinea Pigs)

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Rabbits and small animals need a supplement to their primarily hay based feeding habits. These pellets offer a perfect balance of protein (16%) and Fiber (between 14% and 17%).giving your small animal a source of energy and helping them maintain good health..

Main Ingredients: Amino acids, Oats, Corn, Oat husk, Fine corn gluten, Soy hull, Large corn gluten, Red gru, Distillery dregs, Beet pulp, Malted sprouts, Dehydrated alfalfa, Barley, Bran, Soy and its derivatives, Canola and its derivatives. Vitamins: Pantotenic acid, Folicin, Choline chloride, Methionine, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B complex. Minérals: Magnesium oxide, Dicalcium phosphorus, Limestone, Salt. Traced minerals: Ethylenediamine dihidro-iodide, Sodium selenite, Organic selenium. Other: Antioxidants, Molasses, Lingosulfonate, Iron sulphate, Magnanese sulfate, Zinc sulphate, Copper sulfate, Cobalt sulphate (Contains no corn grains)

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